Abridging and Editing: Waves of Fear vs Moments of Terror

There has been discussion on this blog lately in regard to reworking of stories and the effects that changing and editing reprint material can have on a story.  This post will look at one example in particular – “Waves of Fear” – which will be examined side-by-side against its reprint as “Moments of Terror” in Girl Picture Library #11. It is very interesting to compare the original version of this story with its reprint, which was abridged to fit into a 64-page booklet. In order to make the accommodation, the editors made a key alteration that changed how the story was resolved.

So how much did the editing change the story from its original, and how do the two versions compare? Both versions appear below, with the original episode followed by its equivalent in the Girl Library reprint, and explanations of the differences between the two versions. These may be seen when the mouse is passed over the images. Please note that not all images will explain differences. Images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

No copyright infringement intended.






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