Stories in other titles

This page is an index of posts about stories published in titles other than Jinty, giving historical context to the publication environment of the time.


Girl (second series)

  • Slaves of the Nightmare Factory (1983-84), photo story: Amanda Harvey and Natalie Jones fall foul of a secret dress factory that kidnaps girls for slave labour.

June and School Friend

  • Barracuda Bay (1970), reprinted in Jinty 1975. Susan Stevens and Martin Risen are assigned to Barracuda Bay in the Bahamas to investigate Cornelius Kane, who is suspected of kidnapping three missing scientists. Artist Santiago Hernandez.
  • They Call Me a Coward! (1971), artist Leslie Otway: Cathy Price is bullied for cowardice after her fear of heights prevents her from coming to the rescue of a girl in distress.


  • Winner Loses All! (1979), artist Mario Capaldi: Sandy Morton sells her soul to the Devil to save her father from alcoholism.


  • No-One Cheers for Norah (1972), artist John Armstrong. talented swimmer Norah Day is sent to live with cruel relatives who lie to her and prevent her from competing in races.


  • Bella at the Bar (1974), writer Jenny McDade, artist John Armstrong. The very first Bella Barlow story.
  • The First Mystery (12 June 1976), artist John Armstrong. The origins of The Storyteller from “The Strangest Stories Ever Told”.
  • Olympia Jones (1976-1977), writer Pat Davidson, artist Eduardo Feito: Olympia Jones dreams of winning an equestrian Olympic gold medal like her late father. But her dreams are threatened when an unscrupulous ex-employer frames her on a false charge.
  • Slave of the Clock (artist Maria Barrera, writer Jay Over; summary page) Alison Thorne is hypnotised by her ballet teacher so that she will dance on, unstopping, for as long as she hears the ticking of a clock. (1982)