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OuBaPo: Fran’ll Fix It!

In this OuBaPo experiment I have reworked the “Fran’ll Fix It!” episode where she gets kidnapped by Sheik Abbis because he mistook her for Princess Natisha. In the original episode, which appeared in Jinty 21 October 1978, it happened because Fran unknowingly resembled the princess after donning a Middle Eastern costume to hide a false beard that got stuck. In this version Fran sets out to dress up like Princess Natisha and fix the Sheik in order to help the princess, who is a new pupil at the school. The false beard is still there, but this time it’s all part of the fixing. The original episode can be found at the link above.




OuBaPo Single Panels Experiment IV Villains: the Results

In my recent OuBaPo Experiment IV I put up some panels of various IPC villains with the text removed. The question was, what could happen if the panels had completely new text? For example, could the villains be turned into heroes or something funny? Or have some new villainous plot? What new context or story lines be created by changing the text? These are the results I came up with in creating new text for the villains in the select panels.

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OuBaPo Experiment: Single Panels IV

In my latest OuBaPo experiment, I have been wondering what could be created with select panels that focus on villains, but with the original text removed. What new context or story could be created by writing new text for select panels on villains? Could some villains be turned into heroes? Could winning or despicable villains be turned into losers or something comical? Or losing villains into winners? Or could roles be reversed, with the heroes becoming villains? To create food for thought I have uploaded select panels featuring villains with the original text completely removed. The panels come from both Jinty and non-Jinty stories, but all are IPC.





OuBaPo: Gaye’s Gloomy Ghost I

In this OuBaPo experiment, I have reworked an episode of Gaye’s Gloomy Ghost using the horror templates for the characters in my computer cartoon drawing kit. The exception to this is Sir Roger himself. There was no knight in the kit, so I drew him myself, completely from scratch. My remodelling of Sir Roger turns him into a medieval knight instead of the Elizabethan knight he was in the original. I also established an unspoken rule that the face of my remodelled Sir Roger is never seen, even when he has his visor up. I also put more emphasis on the rust that the original was so proud of.

The horror templates also imposed two characteristics that make the OuBaPo different from the original. First, Gaye is turned into a woman instead of a teenage girl. Second, the templates impose a more Gothic setting than the original did. For this reason, some text and panels had to be removed as they would not work with the OuBaPo version. This inspired a further OuBaPo challenge – turn the episode into a one-page story instead of two. It would not work with every Gloomy Ghost story of course, such as the one where Sir Roger arranges an ‘accident’ for Gaye’s ghastly disco gear so he can get her into the Elizabethan dress that he thinks is more becoming. But it does raise potential for completely new Gloomy Ghost stories, which is something to think about.

The original episode follows my OuBaPo reworking.

Gayes Gloomy Ghost story final.jpg

Original episode


OuBaPo Experiment: Waves of Fear II

In my latest Jinty OuBaPo experiment, I have taken an entire episode – in this case the penultimate episode of Waves of Fear – and completely redrawn it using stock photographs and the cute cats from my computer cartoon kit. So Clare & Co have all been turned into cute cats, which also enables the episode to be rendered in a more cartoony fashion. The text stays the same, though in some cases I have added some touches of my own, such as changing some of the punctuation for dramatic purposes. I also took the opportunity to lay it into the spiteful Jean a whole lot more, whom I feel was not punished as much as she should have been in the original story. The original episode follows my Photoshop reworking of it.

Waves of Fear page 1

Waves of Fear page 2

Waves of Fear page 3

Original episode (click thru)


OuBaPo Experiment: Concrete Surfer II

In this OuBaPo experiment, I have taken the Concrete Surfer page from the OuBaPo page that had the pictures deleted, leaving only the text. The purpose was to create entirely new panels and artwork for the original text and see how the same text would work with completely new artwork. So I have created new panels for the text using a computer cartoon kit I picked up a while back. The designs in the kit are for horror, superheroes, romance, and humour with funny cats. The humour one was the only one I could use for this subject. So Jean & Co have been turned into cute cats as they speak the original dialogue.

Concrete Surfer cats