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June and School Friend 31 July 1971

They Call Me a Coward 5a

  • They Call Me a Coward!” (artist Leslie Otway)
  • Oh, Tinker! (artist Trini Tinturé)
  • Slaves of the Sleeping Ones (artist Juan Solé) – final episode
  • Animal World – feature
  • Angela Barrie: Trim ‘n’ Slim! (feature)
  • Gymnast Jinty (artist Jim Baikie)
  • The Mystery of the Seal of Babylon – text story (artist Jim Baikie, writer Jean Theydon)
  • Bessie Bunter (writer Ron Clark)
  • Shirley’s Showdate: New Girl in Five C
  • Sindy and Her Friends in: Fight for Francesca! (artist Phil Townsend)
  • Sindy’s Scene: Her Diary and Club Page
  • The Champions: Ann Packer
  • Lucky’s Living Doll (artist Robert MacGillivray)
  • Rock of Destiny – Strange Story (artist Rodrigo Comos)
  • Nature’s Wonderful Ways – feature (artist Helen Haywood)
  • Orphans Alone (artist Tom Kerr)
  • Dottie Doogood (cartoon)
  • Wild Girl of the Hills (artist Carlos Freixas)

The bullying Cathy suffers at school puts her friend Lynn in danger, yet it still continues. Cathy loses her job because she is too upset over the whole affair to do it right. Her new job is proving too much for her, but she continues because her parents need the money. Everything is just piling up on our heroine!

Tinker tries to help out a sheep that has fallen down a crevice. As usual, she can’t get it right, and the sheep even takes a trip to Fairyland! At least the sheep enjoyed the trip.

It’s the final episode of “Slaves of the Sleeping Ones”. Defeating the Zurons turns out to be a matter of pressing the green button instead of the red one on their spaceship, which sends their spaceship off back into outer space. The Zurons themselves just disintegrate.

Gymnast Jinty has been secretly training Janice Stokes. Janice’s father is so opposed to her doing gymnastics that he locked her in on the day of the “Three Towns” athletic meeting. He even nailed the window shut to stop her climbing out! Jinty manages to get Janice out in time for the event. She also gives Janice’s father a good talking-to about how miserable he has made Janice by making her do things his way. Eventually Dad comes around, especially when he’s pressed to have his photo taken with his triumphant daughter.

Bessie is in a gymkhana this week. It turns out her mount is as big a food lover as she is, so she knows what to do to get him to win at every event – dangle food in front of him. What a pair!

Sindy suspects the prince her friend Francesca is set to marry is a creep, and her inquiries prove her right. The prince is a cad who squanders the family fortune and piles up debts, so it is obvious he’s out to marry Francesca for her money and squander that too. Sindy tries to show the prince up for what he is in front of Francesca, but it looks like the prince has foiled her. Fortunately the blurb for next week says that Sindy is not beaten yet.

In Lucky’s Living Doll, classmates are playing jokes with a trick spider. They get annoyed when Lucky refuses to joke someone with the spider. To keep the peace with them, Lucky pulls the joke on the teacher and cops lines.

“Orphans Alone” have a narrow escape when they get trapped at the foot of a cliff and the tide is coming in. This week’s Strange Story also has a perilous water escape, where Annie Simpson has a strange dream of a girl being kidnapped by pirates. She escapes the pirates by seizing control of the ship’s wheel and wrecking it against the Steeple Rock. The dream has Annie prepared when criminals kidnap her in the same manner, and she pulls the same stunt to escape.

Kidnapping and escaping are also the order of the day in “The Mystery of the Seal of Babylon”. The villainous Krebens has kidnapped Liza in order to force her father to reveal the whereabouts of the Seal of Babylon, a priceless relic. Liza manages an escape that would make Gymnast Jinty proud, but then a strong hand grips her. Has she been recaptured or is it something else?

In “Wild Girl of the Hills”, the mystery of Naomi’s bracelet deepens. Two gypsies know the truth, so our protagonists decide to tail them in the hope of uncovering it.

Jinty Holiday Special 1980

Jinty holiday special 2

Cover: Phil Gascoine

  • Bizzie Bet and the Easies – artist Hugh Thornton-Jones
  • Rock of Destiny – artist Rodrigo Comos (Gypsy Rose story)
  • Fairy Cakes and the Good Fairy (text story)
  • Gwen’s Quiz Show (feature)
  • See – It’s Spring! (feature)
  • The White Blackbird – artist John Richardson (Gypsy Rose story)
  • Alley Cat
  • Handing it to You! (feature)
  • Dream of a Holiday… (quiz)
  • Porthole of Panic (Gypsy Rose story)
  • Welcome Your Guests to Your (word missing) – feature
  • Wedding in the Family (text story)
  • The Tansley Tresses – artist Carlos Freixas
  • The Yellow Dress – artist John Richardson (Gypsy Rose story)
  • A Present for Tina – unknown artist (Merry) – text story
  • Twice as Nice with Rice! (feature)
  • Neck and Neck! (feature)
  • Laddie – artist Peter Wilkes (Gypsy Rose story)
  • Alley Cat (back cover)

There are a few holes where someone cut things out, so the title on one of the features is incomplete. One feature, “Neck and Neck” is unusual for being about boyfriends; it advises you on the types of boy you might meet on holiday. “Handing it to You!” is all about palmistry, no doubt a nod to Gypsy Rose. Speaking of which, most of her her stories in this special all seem to be more recycling of old Strange stories. The exception seems to be the last one, “Laddie”. Here, Gypsy Rose is drawn by the same artist who draws the story. “The Tansley Tresses” may possibly be a recycled Strange story too. But there is no Gypsy Rose, just a text box introducing us to the story. So perhaps it is Jinty’s own story. The Tansley women have been outstanding athletes for decades. Grandma says it is because their long hair (shades of Samson!) gives them strength. Grand-daughter Joan thinks this is rubbish and cuts off her tresses because short hair is easier for athletics. But then Joan seems to lose her strength for no apparent reason and even becomes wheelchair bound – until Grandma pins her tresses back on.

“Wedding in the Family” seems to be a reprint from elsewhere. Beccy’s sister Liz Britton is getting married, but things begin to go wrong when Beccy discovers another Elizabeth Britton who was jilted at the altar and died of a broken heart. And Liz is to be married on the anniversary of the event. Becky begins to worry that history will repeat itself, and for a while it looks like it is. Thankfully it turns out to be a misunderstanding and the wedding goes as planned – but there seems to be an extra guest dressed in old-fashioned clothes….

“Bizzie Bet and the Easies” is drawn by Hugh Thornton-Jones rather than their regular artist, Richard Neillands. Thornton-Jones has had plenty of experience in drawing humorous and zany strips such as Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag, so he must have felt at home here. The Easies are not pleased when Bet drags them off to see an old stately home. The Easies win in the end, as usual. In fact, they even end up enjoying their visit because they are rewarded with a slap-up meal because their hijinks to take things easy end up doing the owner a favour.