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Jinty Holiday Special 1981

JInty cover

Cover: Mario Capaldi

  • Alley Cat
  • The First Class Mag (Pond Hill feature)
  • The Bracelet of Love – Gypsy Rose story (artist Jim Baikie)
  • Your Holiday Calculator (quiz)
  • Wot’s Wot (feature)
  • Take an Old Bath Towel…
  • Nina Nimble Fingers (artist Roy Newby)
  • The Invaders (text story)
  • They Always Know – Gypsy Rose story (artist Robert MacGillivray)
  • Puzzle Time
  • A Clock for all Seasons! (feature)
  • Puzzle Time
  • Make a Model Theatre (feature)
  • Which Holiday Title Could You Win? (quiz)
  • Puzzle Time
  • Have a Wild Holiday (feature)
  • Jinty Way (feature)
  • Wot’s Wot (feature)
  • Shells ‘n’ Stones (feature)
  • The Flight of Fancy! (text story)
  • When Things Go “Bang” in the Night… – Gypsy Rose Story
  • Snoopa (artist Joe Collins)

The Jinty holiday special for 1981 has one very unusual Pond Hill feature – the First Class Mag. This is a magazine that the First Years of Pond Hill have produced by themselves, for themselves. It is different from the regular Pond Hill newspaper, The Pond Hill Printout. The First Class Mag is reproduced below. We get some insights into Pond Hill that we don’t normally find in the regular strip! It also makes references to the 1980 trip to France, which they almost missed out on because of Diana’s jealous sister holding them up. And it looks like Fred and Terry will never hear the end of their getting sick on the ferry while it was crossing the Channel. At least there is no mention of their getting arrested by the gendarmes when they pick up a runaway boy who is thought to be kidnapped. The First Class Mag is definitely the highlight of the special.

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Mag 4Mag 5Mag 6


The holiday special also reprints “Nina Nimble Fingers”, one of the first stories from Lindy, a short-lived comic that merged with Jinty in 1975. Perhaps it is a bit disappointing that Jinty chose not to reprint one of her old strips instead. On the other hand, it is nice to recapture some of the short-lived and long-forgotten Lindy, and Nina can be considered one of her stronger stories. Nina Sinclair and her lame sister Clare work for Madam Estelle, the owner of a Victorian dress shop. Madam Estelle is a hard, greedy, slave-driving woman, but there is not much Nina can do because Madam Estelle is her legal guardian. As if that weren’t bad enough, the jealous Maria keeps playing tricks on Nina. But we know things will change during the course of the story.

Gypsy Rose stories seem to be more reprints of old Strange Stories, substituting Gypsy Rose for the Storyteller. And this being a holiday special, the features focus on holidays, such as converting old beach towels into beach bags, and plenty of holiday-themed quizzes.