Reprinted stories

A number of stories in Jinty were reprints from elsewhere:

  • Reprinted in the weekly comic:
    • Angela Angel-Face” ran in Jinty in 1980. It was originally printed in Sandie (date unknown) and subsequently printed in Tammy (1984).
    • “Barracuda Bay” ran in Jinty 1975. It originally appeared in June 23 May 1970 -19 September 1970.
    • Strange Story “The Face of Greed” was printed in Jinty on 8 November 1980 as a Gypsy Rose story; it was originally published in Tammy on 4 October 1975.
  • Reprinted in Annuals and Specials:
    • “Shelagh’s Shadow”, printed in the 1978 Annual; originally published in June 1972.
    • “Herbs of Life”, printed in the 1977 Annual; originally published in June, 4 July 1970.
    • “Trudy on Trial!”, printed in the 1979 Annual; originally published in June and School Friend, from 24 June 1972 to 19 August 1972.
    • “Nina Nimble Fingers”, printed in the Jinty Holiday Special 1981; originally published in Lindy, 1975.
    • “She Couldn’t Remember!”, printed in the 1981 Annual; originally printed in June.
    • “Prince of the Wild”, printed in the 1982 Holiday Special; originally published in Tammy.
    • “Rona Rides Again”, printed in the 1982 Annual; originally published in Tammy.
    • Various other Strange Stories, original printing not established.
  • more to come

A number of stories from Jinty were reprinted in other UK titles or publications over the years:

  • “Stefa’s Heart of Stone” from 1976 was reprinted in Princess series 2
  • “The Forbidden Garden” from 1979 was reprinted in Tammy in 1984 (not finished due to the cancellation of Tammy)
  • “The Haunting of Form 2B” was reprinted in Misty annual 1980
  • Shot-lived publication Katy reprinted a few stories from Jinty: “Creepy Crawley”, “Combing Her Golden Hair” (retitled “Comb of Mystery”), and “Dora Dogsbody”. See the separate post on this fortnightly title from 1986-87.
  • “The Human Zoo” was reprinted in Tammy & Jinty 1982
  • Girl Picture Story Library reprinted a number of Jinty stories under new titles, listed below:
  • The Dolphin Mystery – The Disappearing Dolphin from Jinty
  • Cathy’s Crusade – Part 1 of Cathy’s Casebook from Jinty
  • Dr Cathy – Part 2 of Cathy’s Casebook from Jinty
  • Circus Waif – Wild Rose from Jinty
  • Moments of Terror – Waves of Fear from Jinty
  • The Shadow – Mike and Terry from Jinty
  • Princess Wanted! – The Perfect Princess from Jinty
  • The Black Sheep – Black Sheep of the Bartons from Jinty
  • I’ll Never Sing Again! – Nothing to Sing About from Jinty
  • A Second Chance – My Heart Belongs to Buttons from Jinty
  • Winner-Loser! – No Medals for Marie from Jinty
  • Spellbound! – Part 1 of Sue’s Daily Dozen from Jinty, plus A Wee Sue story from Tammy reprinted as Tiny Tina
  • Bewitched! – Part 2 of Sue’s Daily Dozen from Jinty, plus a Strange Story, “A Monumental Detective” reprinted as “The Crook Catchers”
  • The Inheritance – Race for a Fortune from Jinty
  • The Fortune-Teller – Cursed to be a Coward! Jinty
  • The Witchfinder – Shadow on the Fen from Jinty

A number of stories were reprinted within the pages of Jinty, some time later

  • “Angela’s Angels” from 1974 was reprinted in 1981
  • “The Mystery of Martine” from 1976-77 was reprinted in the 1983 Annual
  • Gypsy Rose story “The Strawberry Handkerchief” from 4 June 1977 was reprinted in the 1983 Annual
  • Gypsy Rose story “The Thirteenth Hour” from 5 November 1977 was reprinted in the 1983 Annual
  • Gypsy Rose story “Carnival of Flowers” from 12 November 1977 was reprinted in the 1983 Annual
  • Gypsy Rose story “A Picture of the Past” from 3 December 1977 was reprinted in the 1983 Annual
  • “Land of No Tears” from 1977-78 was reprinted in 1981

Jinty Volumes

  • “The Human Zoo” and “Land of No Tears” reprinted in Jinty Volume 1, 2018
  • “Fran of the Floods” reprinted as a complete volume in 2019
  • “Creepy Crawley” and “A Spell of Trouble” reprinted as a complete volume in 2022
  • more to come

Various other UK girls comics titles included a “Best Of” reprint series (specifically, “Best of Misty Monthly” for 8 issues, “Best of Girl” second series, “Best of Bunty”, and the DC Thomson title “Lucky Charm”). Jinty and Tammy did not have such a reprint series. However, the series “Girl Picture Library” reprinted stories from both these titles and others, for instance Patty’s World stories from the pages of Girl itself. A list has been created by Mistyfan; see the post on Girl Picture Library for details.

2 thoughts on “Reprinted stories

  1. The Human Zoo was reprinted in the Tammy & Jinty merger in 1982. Horse from the Sea was reprinted in Princess 2. Waves of Fear, The Perfect Princess, No Medals for Marie, Cursed to be a Coward, Cathy’s Casebook, Sue’s Daily Dozen, The Disappearing Dolphin, Wild Rose, Shadow on the Fen, Race for a Fortune, Nothing to Sing About, The Sweet and Sour Rivals, Black Sheep of the Bartons, My Heart Belongs to Buttons, and Mike and Terry were reprinted in the Girl Picture Libraries under new titles. Details are in the Girl Picture Library entry on this site.

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