Translations – Dutch

A list of British girls’ comics stories translated into Dutch, sent in by Sleuth from Catawiki. Ramon Schenk has also been an invaluable source, particularly in the DCT Dutch translations. The initial list focuses on stories from Jinty but as we know further details of stories from other titles we will add these in. These were mostly published in the weekly comic Tina and/or in the reprint album format Tina Topstrip. The list below shows the original title, followed by the title in the Dutch translation, with a literal translation in [square brackets] where appropriate, and then the details of the publication that the translation appeared in. It is ordered by date of original publication.

By story

  • Cat Girl (1969-1971) Sally, Tammy” “het kasmeisje” Tina 1970? – #26, 1972
  • Promise me, Paula (1972), June: ‘Beloof Me, Marjorie’, in Tina (1974, nos. 25-52)
  • Gwen’s Stolen Glory (1974): De droom van een ander [Someone else’s dream] (in: Tina Club 1975-2)
  • The Haunting of Form 2B (1974): Spookt in klas 2B (Spook in Class 2B), Tina Club 11, 1974
  • Dora Dogsbody (1974-76): Hilda Hondemoppie (in: Tina 1974)
  • Gail’s Indian Necklace (1974): Anak-Har-Li [the name of the Indian deity on the necklace] (in: Tina Club 1975-01)
  • Always Together (1974): Voor altijd samen (in: Tina 1985/86)
  • Wild Horse Summer (1974): De zomer van het witte paard [White Horse Summer] (in: Tina 1976, Tina Topstrip 15 (1980))
  • Left-Out Linda (1974): Linda (in: Tina 1975/76)
  • Wenna the Witch (1974): Wenna de heks (in: Tina 1976, Tina Topstrip 34, 1981)
  • Slave of the Mirror (1975): De spiegel met de slangen [The Snakes Mirror] (in: Tina 1976)
  • The Kat and Mouse Game (1975): Als kat en muis [Like cat and mouse] (in: Tina 1985)
  • Tricia’s Tragedy (1975): Tineke – Strijd om de Lankman-trofee [Tineke – Fighting for the Lankman Trophy] (in: Tina 1975/76, Tina Topstrip 18 (1980)).
  • The Valley of the Shining Mist (1975): Het dal van de glanzende nevel (in: Tina 1977)
  • Barracuda Bay (1975): Barracudabaai (in: Tina 1971); reprint from June & School Friend 1970.
  • The Haunting of Hazel (1975-1976): Hazel en haar berggeest [Hazel and her Mountain Ghost] (in: Tina 1976/77, Tina Topstrip 27 (1981))
  • For Peter’s Sake! (1976): De opdracht van Josefien [Josephine’s Assignment] (in: Tina Boelboek 5 (1985))
  • The Slave of Form 3B (1976): In de ban van Isabel [Under Isabel’s Spell] (in: Groot Tina Zomerboek 1984-2)
  • Then there were 3 … (1976): Toen waren er nog maar drie (in: Groot Tina Lenteboek 1982-1
  • Horse from the Sea (1976): De legende van het witte paard [The Legend of the White Horse] (in: Tina 1985)
  • Friends of the Forest (1976): Published as ‘Vrienden door dik en dun’ (Friends through thick and thin) in Tina in the Netherlands in 1988.
  • Snobby Shirl the Shoeshine Girl! (1976): Freule Frederique [Lady Frederique] (in: Tina 1979)
  • Stefa’s Heart of Stone (1976): Steffie’s hart van steen (in: Tina 1986). Reprint in Tammy 1984
  • Girl in a Bubble (1976): Gevangen in een luchtbel [Prisoner in a Bubble] (in: Tina 1977, Tina Topstrip 29, 1981).
  • Stefa’s Heart of Stone (1976): Translated into Dutch as “Steffie’s hart van steen” and printed in Dutch Tina #19/1984-42/1984.
  • Sceptre of the Toltecs (1977): De scepter van de Tolteken (in: Tina 1978; Tina Topstrip 44, 1982)
  • The Mystery of Martine (1976-77): De dubbelrol van Martine [Martine’s Double Role] (in: Tina 1978).
  • Mark of the Witch! (1977): Het teken van de heks (in: Tina 1982/83)
  • Freda, False Friend (1977): Frieda, de valse vriendin (in: Tina 1978/79)
  • Spell of the Spinning Wheel (1977): De betovering van het spinnewiel (in: Tina 1978; Tina Topstrip 42, 1982)
  • The Darkening Journey (1977): Samen door het duister [Through the Darkness Together] (in: Tina 1981/82)
  • Creepy Crawley (1977): In de macht/ban van een broche [Under the Spell of a Brooch] (In: Tina 1979; Tina Topstrip 60, 1984)
  • Kerry in the Clouds (1977): Klaartje in de wolken (in: Tina 1978)
  • The Robot Who Cried (1977): Robot L4A ontsnapt! [Robot Elvira Gets Away] (in: Tina 1985/86).
  • Curtain of Silence (1977): Achter het stille gordijn [Behind the Silent Curtain] (in: Tina 1978/79, Tina Topstrip 52, 1983)
  • Fran’ll Fix it! (1977; 1978-79): short story 3/4; Annabel versiert ‘t wel [Annabel will fix it]; episodes in Tina from 1983 till 1994; there were also “Dutch” episodes written by Bas van der Horst and drawn by Comos, and there is an episode in 1994 written by Ian Mennell and drawn by Comos.
  • Who’s That in My Mirror? (1977): Het spookbeeld in de spiegel [The Ghost in the Mirror] (in: Tina 1980)
  • Cursed to be a Coward! (1977): Zoals de waarzegster voorspelde [Like the Fortune-Teller Predicted] (in: Tina 1979, Tina Topstrip 49, 1983)
  • Destiny Brown (1977): De vreemde visioenen van Seventa Smit [Seventa Smit’s Strange Visions] (in: Tina 1980)
  • The Goose Girl (1977): not translated directly but the storyline was probably used for Maartje, het ganzenmeisje [Marge, the Goose Girl] in Tina 1979, art by Piet Wijn; Tina Topstrip 40, 1982).
  • Stage Fright! (1977): De gevangene van Valckensteyn [Prisoner of Valckensteyn/Falconstone] (in: Tina 1981)
  • The Dream House (Tammy, 1977): translated as Het mysterie van het poppenhuis (The mystery of the dolls’ house) in Tina #35, 1984.
  • Guardian of White Horse Hill (1977): Epona, wachter van de paardenvallei [Epona, Guardian of the Horse Valley] (in: Tina 1978; Tina Topstrip 37, 1982)
  • Land of No Tears (1977-78): Wereld zonder tranen [World of No Tears] (in: Groot Tina Lenteboek 1983-1)
  • Come into My Parlour (1977-78): Kom maar in mijn web [Just Come into My Web] (in: Groot Tina Boek 1981-3)
  • Race for a Fortune (1977-78): Om het fortuin van oom Archibald [Race for Uncle Archibald’s Fortune] (in: Tina 1980)
  • Leaves in the Wind (1977-1978) from Tammy: Bladeren in de wind [Leaves in the Wind], Tina 1982
  • Concrete Surfer (1977-78): Ik heb altijd m’n skateboard nog! [I always have my skateboard] (in: Tina #5, 1980)
  • Paula’s Puppets (1978): De poppen van Petra [Petra’s Puppets] (in: Tina 1979, Tina Topstrip 54, 1983). Perhaps they changed the name because there was a Stewardess Paula strip in Tina at the time.
  • Slave of the Swan (1978): De wraak van de Zwaan [Revenge of the Swan] (in: Tina 1980)
  • The Birds (1978): De vogels (in: Groot Tina Boek 1978 winter).
  • Clancy on Trial (1978): Nancy op proef [Nancy on Trial – the name Clancy is highly unusual in the Netherlands] (in: Tina 1979)
  • Wild Rose (1978): Waar hoor ik thuis? [Where do I belong?] (in: Tina 1980)
  • Betta to Lose (1978, Tammy): Altijd de beste! [Altijd the best!] in Tina #36 1980 and Tina Dubbeldik Superalbum.
  • Dancer Entranced (1978, Tammy): Het betoverende ritme (The enchanting rhythm), Tina Topstrip #62, 1984.
  • 7 Steps to the Sisterhood (1978): Gevaar loert op Lansdael [Danger at Lansdael] (in: Tina 1980)
  • The Human Zoo (1978): Als beesten in een kooi [Like Animals in a Cage] (in: Tina #34, 1986). Reprint in Tammy 1982, Jinty reprint Vol. 1, 2018.
  • A Leap Through Time (Misty, 1978): “Een sprong in de tijd” [A Jump in Time] and published in Dutch Tina #13/1985-19/1985.
  • No Cheers for Cherry (1978): Geen applaus voor Sandra [No Applause for Sandra] (in: Groot Tina Zomerboek 1983-2)
  • The Girl Who Never Was (1979): De verbanning van Irma IJsinga [Irma IJsinga’s Banishment] (in: Tina 1981)
  • Sea-Sister (1979): Gevangene van de zee [Prisoner of the Sea] (in: Tina 1989)
  • The Forbidden Garden (1979): De verboden tuin (in: Tina 1982/83). Reprint in Tammy 1984
  • Bizzie Bet and the Easies (1979): Dina Doe douwt door [Dinah Do Pushes Through] (just one episode, in: Groot Tina Lenteboek 1982-1).
  • Almost Human (1979): De verloren planeet [The Lost Planet] (in: Tina 1984)
  • Village of Fame (1979): Het dorp waar nooit ‘ns iets gebeurde [The Village Where Nothing Ever Happened] (in: Tina 1982)
  • The Disappearing Dolphin (1979): Translated into Dutch as “De lachende dolfijn” (The laughing dolphin) in Tina 1987.
  • Combing Her Golden Hair (1979): Kirsten, kam je gouden lokken [Kirsten, Comb Your Golden Locks] (in: Tina 1981, Tina Topstrip 64, 1985: Kam je gouden lokken)
  • Waves of Fear (1979): In een golf van angst [In a Wave of Fear] (in: Tina 1983)
  • “Fly-away Fay” (Penny 1979, issues 12-23. Translated into Dutch as “Een vlieger voor Mischa” (A Kite for Mischa).
  • “When the Rain Falls…” (Misty #24): Translated into Dutch as “Als de regen komt…” and printed in Tina Boelboek #6 (1985).
  • White Water (1979-80): Wild Water [Wild Water] (in: Tina 1984)
  • When Statues Walk… (1979-80): De wachters van Thor [Thor’s Guardians] (in: Tina 1981/82, Tina Topstrip 71, 1985)
  • The Venetian Looking Glass (1980): Het gezicht in de spiegel [The Face in the Mirror] (in: Tina 1983)
  • Seulah the Seal (1979-80): Sjoela de zeehond (in: Tina 1980/81, little booklets in black and white that came as a free gift, stapled in the middle of a Tina).
  • A Spell of Trouble (1980): Anne Tanne Toverheks [Anne Tanne Sorceress, a sort of nursery rhyme name] (in: Tina 1984/85)
  • Donna Ducks Out (1980, from Tammy): Translated as “Ik en mijn eendje” (Me and my ducky)  (in Tina #27-38/1982).
  • The Sea Witches (1980, from Tammy): Translated as “De donderganzen van’t Oldemoer” (The thunder geese of Oldemoer) in Tina #24, 1983.
  • Minnow (Jinty, 1980): Translated into Dutch as “Waar ben je bang voor, Kiki?” (What are you afraid of, Kiki?) and published in Tina from December 1988 to March 1989.
  • Girl the World Forgot (1980): Door iedereen vergeten [Forgotten by everyone] (in: Tina 1987)
  • Belinda Bookworm (1981, from Tammy): Belinda boekenwurm (in Tina 1981-82)
  • The Black and White World of Shirley Grey (1981, from Tammy): leugentje om bestwil (A little white lie), Tina #10, 1982.
  • The Ghost Dancer (1981): Dansen in het maanlicht [Dancing in the Moonlight] (in: Tina 1983)
  • Holiday Hideaway (1981): Wie niet weg is, is gezien [If you’re not gone, you’re seen – a sentence children use in hide-and-seek] (in: Tina 1982).
  • Freda’s Fortune (1981): Could be: Fortuin voor Floortje [A Fortune for Florrie] (in: Groot Tina Herfstboek 1983-3).
  • Pam of Pond Hill (Pond Hill appearance in Jinty annual 1982): Translated into Dutch as Micky van der Meerhof in Groot Tina Winterboek #21, 1982-84.
  • Danger Dog (1982, from Tammy): Translated into Dutch as “Gevecht om Thomas” (“Fight over Thomas”) and published in Tina #10/1985-24/1985.
  • E.T. Estate (1983, from Tammy): De kristalmonsters [The Crystal Monsters] Tina 1984, #45.
  • Backhand Play (1983, from Tammy), Dutch translation Tina 1985/86. Dutch title unavailable.
  • Airgirl Emma’s Adventure (reprint from June 1969, in Jinty Holiday Special 1975): Short story 16; Emma zoekt het hogerop [Emma takes it higher up] (in: Tina 1970).
  • Mr Evans the Talking Rabbit” (1983, from Princess II). ‘Hokus pokus, ik ben een konijn!’ [Hocus pocus, I’m a rabbit!] (in: Tina 1984).
  • The Ghostly Ballerina” (1983-84, from Princess II). ‘Het spook van de balletschool’ [The ghost of the ballet school] (in: Tina #14, A1984).
  • “True Friends for Tansy” (1983, from Princess II). ‘Nikki’s grote geheim’ [Nikki’s big secret] (in: Tina #32, 1984).
  • Sally in a Shell” (1976, from Tammy). “Sylvia het schelpenmeisje” [Sylvia the shell girl] in Tina #40/1977-4/1978.
  • Their Darling Daughter” (1983, from Princess II). “Dat kind hoort hier niet!” (That child does not belong here!) (in: Tina #42, 1984).
  • “Jaws Three” (Tammy, 1983). Translated into Dutch as “Kletsmajoor”(Chat Major) and published in Tina #48/1983-4/1984).
  • “Cinders on Ice” (1983, from Princess II), “Astrid Assepoe”’ [Astrid Cinderella] (in: Tina #50, 1984).
  • Thursday’s Child” (1979, from Tammy) “Merel, het meisje van morgen” [Merel, the girl from tomorrow] (in: Tina #7, 1986)

By reprint album

Below is a complete list of stories published in the album format Tina Topstrip (71 albums in total), along with the original title that the story came from (where possible). Note that some of the stories in this album format were themselves originally written in Dutch as they are credited to a Dutch writer.

  1. Eefje geeft ‘t niet op / Becky Never Saw The Ball (Tammy)
  2. Brigitte op de planken / Twinkle, Twinkle, Daisy Star (Princess Tina)
  3. Pinkie is niet te verslaan / Wee Sue (Sandie, 1972)
  4. Het geheim van oom Robert (original story in Dutch)
  5. Kimmy op de modetoer / Designed for fame (Princess Tina, 1972)
  6. Marcella het circuskind / Lorna’s lonely days (Sandie, 1972)
  7. Mijn vriend Mozes / Moses and Me (June)
  8. Peggy en Jeroen (Patty’s World story)
  9. Anja – Dorp in gevaar [tr. Village in Jeopardy] / original title unknown
  10. Het lied van de rivier (Patty and the Big Silver Bull Band story, original in Dutch)
  11. Sonja en de mysterieuze zwemcoach / Steffi In The Swim (Tammy)
  12. De man in het koetshuis (original story in Dutch)
  13. Linda’s verdriet / Linda Left-Out (Tammy)
  14. Het circus komt (original story in Dutch)
  15. De zomer van het witte paard / Wild Horse Summer (Jinty)
  16. Noortje (original story in Dutch)
  17. Ruzie om Jeroen (Patty’s World story)
  18. Zwemmen om de Lankman-trofee / Tricia’s Tragedy (Jinty)
  19. Het lied van de angst (Patty and the Big Silver Bull Band story, original in Dutch)
  20. Harry de tophit / Silver Is A Star (Sandie)
  21. De twee van Oldenhoek (original story in Dutch)
  22. Anke’s verboden vriendschap / Anna’s forbidden friend (Sandie, 1972)
  23. Prinses in de top 40 / Princess Of The Pops (Bunty)
  24. Het kasteel van de vleermuis [tr. The Castle of the Bat] (original story in Dutch)
  25. Het meisje zonder fouten / original title unknown
  26. De grote kunstroof (original story in Dutch)
  27. Hazel en haar berggeest / The Haunting of Hazel (Jinty)
  28. De gevleugelde vrouw [tr. The winged woman] (original story in Dutch)
  29. Gevangen in een luchtbel / Girl In A Bubble (Jinty)
  30. Eduard en Emily (original story in Dutch)
  31. Een paard voor Olympia / Olympia Jones (Tammy); also Dutch Tina #38
  32. Peggy is jaloers (Patty’s World story)
  33. Het gebeurde in Parkzicht / original title unknown
  34. Wenna de heks / Wenna the Witch (Jinty)
  35. Dorp zonder vrienden (original story in Dutch)
  36. Patty begint opnieuw (Patty and the Big Silver Bull Band story)
  37. Wachter van de paardenvallei / Guardian of White Horse Hill (Jinty)
  38. Wees wijzer! (original story in Dutch)
  39. De pop (original story in Dutch)
  40. Het ganzenmeisje / based on The Goose Girl (Jinty)
  41. Een nieuw leven voor Wanda / original title unknown
  42. De betovering van het spinnewiel / The Spell of the Spinning Wheel
  43. Mimi in Spanje (original story in Dutch)
  44. De scepter van de Tolteken / The Sceptre of the Toltecs (Jinty)
  45. Drie meisjes in de pop (original story in Dutch)
  46. Vicky tussen twee vuren / Peggy in the middle (Sandie, 1972)
  47. In de kou (Patty’s World story)
  48. Anja heel alleen / Goldie Alone (Tammy)
  49. Zoals de waarzegster voorspelde / Cursed To Be A Coward (Jinty)
  50. Tulpen op Broadway (original story in Dutch)
  51. Maartje in de Biesbos (original story in Dutch)
  52. Achter het stille gordijn / Curtain of Silence (Jinty)
  53. Eduard en dus ook weer Emily (original story in Dutch)
  54. (more to come)

There was also a series called Tina Dubbeldik Superalbum. These had 96 pages (except for the first three, which had 88 pages), each containing three stories that were too short to be printed as a single Tina Topstrip. Between 1981 and 1985 eighteen of these Tina Dubbeldik Superalbums were published.

  1. Geen tijd voor Anita + Wedren om het geluk + De Suza-zusters / original titles unknown
  2. Linda van het Zilvermeer + Het ongeluksballet + Wendy / original titles unknown
  3. De vermiste ballerina + Ik wil verpleegster worden + De geheimzinnige erfenis / original titles unknown
  4. De legende van het witte hert + Gisela weet ‘t altijd beter + Stella zet door / original titles unknown
  5. De dubbelrol van Martine + Jetty’s hindernissen + Diana is de baas / “The Mystery of Martine” (Jinty) + “The Stables Slave” (Tammy) + original title unknown
  6. De twee Dandini’s + Vlucht door de wildernis + Irma slaat haar eigen slag / first two original titles unknown + “Dog Paddle Doris” (Tammy)
  7. De toverspiegel + Hare Koninklijke Hoogheid Anita + De lotgevallen van Liselotje Assepoes / original titles unknown
  8. Barbara in boeien + Ik wil gelukkig zijn + Frieda de valse vriendin / first two original titles unknown + “Freda, False Friend” (Jinty)
  9. Een heel paard half + Elsje de Windt op avontuur + Applaus voor Kitty / “Halves In A Horse” + original titles unknown
  10. Dubbelspel + Jane Eyre + Sientje uit de Klinkerdwarsstraat / “Double or Nothing” (Tammy) + original titles unknown
  11. Claudia en Marcella + Henny’s paard + Audrey en het Spinoza-septet / original titles unknown
  12. Klaartje in de wolken + Ballerina op krukken + Gisela moet blijven! / “Kerry in the Clouds” (Jinty) + original title unknown + “Amanda Must Not Be Expelled” (Tammy)
  13. Schaatsen voor Marleen + Verraad op Eikenheuvel + Het meisje met de gitaar / “Get Your Skates On, Katie” (Tammy) + “The Outcast of Oakbridge” (Tammy) + original title unknown
  14. Amanda is een heks + Het meisje Middernacht + Altijd de beste! / “Witch Hazel” + “A Girl Called Midnight” (Tammy) + “Betta to Lose” (Tammy)
  15. Dans, Diana, dans + Herrie in Houtenaerd + Het spookbeeld in de spiegel / “The Dance Dream” (Tammy) + “The Upper Crust” (Tammy) + “Who’s That in My Mirror?” (Jinty)
  16. De vreemde visioenen van Seventa Smit + Elsje de Windt – Operatie Spanje + De zwarte prinses / “Destiny Brown” (Jinty) + original titles unknown
  17. Wie is Babet? + De dubbelgangster + Die lieve Madelief / original title unknown + “The Stand-In” (Tammy) + original title unknown
  18. Ster van de groene tafel + Blosje en de Doebidoes + Het boek dat de uren telt / first two original titles unknown + “The Book of Hours” (Pink)
  19. ….
  20. ….
  21. ….
  22. ….
  23. ….

Tina Boelboek

Tina Boelboek was a bit like the annuals in the UK, only they were published more frequently. They started as Groot Tina Boek in 1975. Two times a year a 192 page book (from Winter 1980 onwards reduced to 160 pages) was published with short comics, short stories, things-to-do, and always two long comics stories. From 1980 onwards, four books were published each year (Groot Tina Lenteboek (Spring), Groot Tina Zomerboek (Summer), Groot Tina Herfstboek (Authumn) and Groot Tina Winterboek (Winter). In Winter 1984 they left out the names of the seasons in the title and the name was changed to Tina Boelboek. The final book was published in Spring 1986.

Most of the stories were reprints from Tammy, Jinty, Sally, June, Princess Tina, Penny and other UK Girls’ comics.

Here’s a list of some titles from Jinty that were reprinted in these books. If the Dutch title was not a translation of the original English title, I added the translation of the Dutch title between brackets.

Groot Tina Boek 5 (1977)
De bellen van Karlok (The bells of Karlok, Jinty Annual 1977)
De blauwe narcis (The blue daffodil, Jinty Annual 1977)

Groot Tina Boek 6 (1978)
Sonja’s schaduw (Sonja’s shadow) (Shelagh’s Shadow, Jinty Annual 1978, originally appeared in June)
Jos en de baby (Jos and the baby) (Blue and the babe, Jinty Annual 1978)

Groot Tina Boek 7 (1978)
De vogels (The Birds, Jinty)

Groot Tina Boek 8 (1979)
Ben je even slim als Ellie? (Are you as smart as Ellie?) + Ben jij even slim als Annelies? (Are you as smart as Annelies?) 2 x Can you beat sharp-eyed Sharon? from Jinty Annuals

Groot Tina Boek 9 (1979)
De sneeuwgeest (The snow ghost) (Spirit of the Snows, Jinty Annual 1978)

Groot Tina Herfstboek 1981-3
Kom maar in mijn web (Come into my Web) (Come into My Parlour, Jinty)

Zo’n zwerfhond (A stray dog like that) (an episode of ‘Tansy of Jubilee Street’) (possibly from an annual)

Groot Tina Lenteboek 1982-1
Toen waren er nog maar drie (Then There Were Three, Jinty)

Groot Tina Lenteboek 1983-1
Wereld zonder tranen (World without Tears) (Land of No Tears, Jinty)

Groot Tina Winterboek 1983

‘Het geheim van de schedels’ (Secret of the Skulls, Tammy).

Groot Tina Winterboek #28, 1984

‘Het geheim van de kat’ (The Secret of the Cat) (Cult of the Cat, Misty)

Tina Sterstrip 5 1983

‘Zomaar een pop…?’ (Just any doll…?). (What’s Wrong with Rhona? from Tammy)

Groot Tina Zomerboek 1984-2
In de ban van Isabel (Under the spell of Isabel) (The Slave of Form 3B, Jinty)

Tina Boelboek 4, 1984 “Glenda’s Glossy Pages” from Tammy, as De geheimzinnige catalogus [The Mysterious Catalogue)

Tina Boelboek 5 (1985)
De opdracht van Josefien (The Mission of Josefien) (For Peter’s sake!, Jinty)

Dutch Translations of DCT serials

  • The Children’s Champion (Bunty, 1964): Debbie Parade Album #15
  • Maid of the Mountains (Bunty, 1965):“Het meisje uit de bergen” and printed in Peggy Album #4 (1987).
  • And Mother Came Too (Judy, 1966): Translated into Dutch as “En mam komt ook… ” in Debbie Sportstripboek #33 (1983).
  • The Lady is a Champ (Judy, 1969): Translated into Dutch as ‘De lady is een ster’ (The lady is a star) and published in Tina in 1980.
  • Sheila on Skis (Judy, 1971): Translated to Dutch as “Ann op de lange latten” – Debbie (Holco Publications, 1976 series) #39 (“Ballet en sportstrips”).
  • Wendy’s Water-Baby (Mandy, 1971): Translated into Dutch and published in Debbie #49 (1985?). No change in title.
  • The Chosen One (Bunty Picture Library, #263, reprinted #394):Translated into Dutch as “De gekozene” and printed in Peggy Album #3 (1987).
  • Storm, Son of the Moors (Judy, 1971-72): Translated into Dutch as “Storm” and published in Vakantie album #1 (circa 1978).
  • The Ghost Riders (Judy, 1973): “De Spookrijders” in Tina #9/1976-23/1976.
  • Flight to Fame (Judy, 1974): Debbie Parade Album #1
  • Katy the Cabby (Bunty, 1974): Translated into Dutch as “Katsja de koetsier” and published in Tina #34/1975-51/1975.
  • The Last of the Everitts (Bunty, 1974): Translated into Dutch as “De Everitts” and published in Debbie #30 (1982).
  • Gateway to the Past (Mandy, 1974, reprinted 1981): The 1981 reprint was translated into Dutch as “Poort naar het verleden” and published in Debbie #34 (1983).
  • Josie the Gymnast (Bunty, 1974): Translated to Dutch as “Tessa van de turnclub ” – Debbie (Holco Publications, 1976 series) #3 (“Ballet en sportstrips”).
  • The Golden Girl (Judy, 1974): “Duiken voor goud” (“Diving for Gold”) and published in Debbie boek #2 (1977).
  • Belinda’s Bonnets (Bunty, 1974): Translated into Dutch as “The Time Hats” in Dutch Tina (Oberon, 1972 series) #31/1975 until 50/1975, but not in all issues in between.
  • The Dancing Donnellys (Bunty, 1974-75): translated to Dutch as “De Donnellys ” – Debbie (Holco Publications, 1976 series) #2 (“Debbie’s groot verhalenboek”).
  • The Secret Nurse (Mandy, 1975): “Ik wil verpleegster worden” (I want to become a nurse) in Tina #17/1976-32/1976.
  • The Healing Hands of Hanni (Mandy, 1975):Translated into Dutch as “Dierendokter Hannie” and published in Tina #48/1978-10/1979.
  • The Promise Pandora Made (Debbie, 1975): Translated into Dutch as “Het geheim van Pandora” (“Pandora’s Secret”) –  Tina #52/1977-9/1978.
  • Blind Belinda (Mandy, 1975): “Linda steelt de show” (“Linda steals the show”) in Tina #26-38/1989.
  • The Eyes that Haunted Hannah/Sing a Song of Hate! (Mandy, 1975; 1981):Translated into Dutch as “Hanna, word wakker” (Hannah, wake up) and published in Debbie Parade album #12 (1981).
  • Vanity Farr – Gym Star (Debbie 1975): translated to Dutch as “Gina, ijdeltuit ” (Gina the vain girl) – Debbie (Holco Publications, 1976 series) #2 (“Debbie’s groot verhalenboek”, 1977)
  • Dangerous Days for Diana (Judy, 1975): “Gevaar voor Deiana” in Debbie Groot mysterieboek #27 (1981).
  • The Courage of Crippled Clara (Bunty, 1975-76): Translated into Dutch as “Dappere Clara” (“Brave Clara”) in Debbie #68 (1980s).
  • Flower of Freedom (Debbie #211, from Flower Stories): “Bloem van de vrijheid” and published in Debbie (Holco Publications, 1976 series) #2 (“Debbie’s groot verhalenboek”).
  • Fleetfoot – Girl of the Wilds (Debbie 1975): Translated into Dutch as “Fleetwood” in Debbie Dierenstripboek #36 (1983).
  • The Breathtaking Tale of Jesse James and Wild Billy Hickok (Debbie 1974) Translated into Dutch as “Jessie James en Wilde Billy Hickok” in Debbie Dierstripboek #36 (1983).
  • Girl Friday (Judy, 1975): “Ze noemden haar “Vrijdag”” (“They Called Her ‘Friday’”) in Tina #26/1976-37/1976.
  • Flight to Fear (Judy, 1975): Debbie Parade Album #3 as Vlucht naar de angst
  • Princess of the Pops (Bunty, 1975): “Prinses in de Top 40” in Tina 25/1976-42/1976.
  • A New Life for Wanda (Debbie 1975-1976): “Een nieuw leven voor Wanda” in Tina #27/1976-39/1976.
  • Slaves to the Spotlight (Judy, 1975): Translated into Dutch as “Slaven in het spotlicht” and published in Debbie #44 (1985).
  • Who is Mystine? (1975, Debbie): Debbie Parade Album #3 as Mystine
  • The Secret of Silver Star (Spellbound, 1976): Translated into Dutch as “Het geheim van Zilverster” and published in Debbie (Holco Publications, 1976 series) #4 (1977, “Debbie’s groot mysterieboek”).
  • The Redwell Ring (Bunty, 1976): Translated into Dutch as “De Redwell Ring” and published (at least partially) in Debbie #32 (1982).
  • Voyage of the Hungry Hopes/The Hungry Hopes in the New World (Debbie, 1976): In the Netherlands, ‘The Voyage of the Hungry Hopes’ was published as ‘De grote reis van de familie Venema’. Six episodes, in colour, were published in a weekly magazine called Debbie. After six issues, the magazine folded with all serials unfinished. In 1977, Debbie returned as a monthly magazine with complete stories. ‘De grote reis van de familie Venema’ was published as a complete story in black and white in 1978 in Debbie Groot Verhalenboek 6 in 1978.
  • Revenge of the Black Swan (Spellbound, 1976-1977): Translated into Dutch as “De wraak van de zwarte zwaan” and published in Debbie #44 (1985).
  • Pickford (Judy 1976-1977): The first three instalments were translated into Dutch and published in Debbie #68 (undated, mid 1980s).
  • Sherlock (original 1976, sequels through to 1979): Some instalments, including the one from Debbie #199, were translated and reprinted in Dutch in Debbie #68 (mid-1980s).
  • A Secret Place (Judy, 1977): Translated into Dutch as “Achter de waterval” (Behind the Waterfall) and published in Tina #40/1980-49/1980.
  • Hetty in the House of Secrets (Spellbound, 1977): Translated into Dutch as “Hetty en het geheim van het grijze huis” (“Hetty and the Secret of the Grey House”) in Groot Tina Boek #[6] (1978).
  • The Secret Guardian (Turn of the Key story, Spellbound, 1977): Translated into Dutch as “Sarah’s glimlach van verdriet” and published in Debbie #46 (1985).
  • The Guardian (Judy, 1977): Translated into Dutch as “De grizzly” and published in Debbie #30 (1982).
  • Jodie and the Otter (Judy, 1978): Debbie Parade Album #3 as Jodie en de otter.
  • Tina’s Tin Twin (Bunty, 1977-78): Translated into Dutch of the third issue of short-lived Kitty (only four monthly issues were published in 1980) as ‘Gloria’s robot tweelingzusje’ (Gloria’s robot twin).
  • Miranda Mystery Girl of the Sea (Bunty, 1978): Groot Tina Zomerboek #2/1982 (1982) as “Marinda het meisje van de zee”.
  • Beware of Beryl! (Emma, 1978, Mandy, 1984-85): This story was reprinted twice in the Netherlands. The first time was as a serial that was edited down to 31 pages in Tina in 1983 as ‘Mijn vriendin Agaath’ (My friend Agaath). The second time was the complete 36-page story in Debbie Groot Mysterieboek 48 in 1985 as ‘Bang voor Beryl!’ (Afraid of Beryl!).
  • The Nine Lives of Kitty Foster (Spellbound, 1977-1978): Translated into Dutch as “De negen levens van Kitty Foster”, even though the name is changed in the story to Kitty Bos. In Debbie Sportstripboek #33 (1983).
  • Schoolgirl Vet (Judy, 1977, 1979): This appeared in at least one Dutch reprint (Conny #3/1985) as “Dierenarts in de dop” (“Veterinarian to be”).
  • Anita’s Butler (Judy, 1979): Debbie Parade Album #7 as Betty’s butler
  • No Music for Mandy (Bunty, 1979): Translated into Dutch as “Geen muziek voor Manda” and published in Debbie Parade Album #6 (1980).
  • Little Miss Spitfire (Emma, 1979): “Ik ben de beste” (“I Am Best”) in Groot Tina Zomerboek #2/1982 (1982).
  • Paula and the Wasps of Terror/Paula (Diana 1966, Spellbound 1977): “Paula” in Debbie Groot mysterieboek #7 (1978).
  • Yang Ling (Emma, 1978): Debbie Parade Album #2.
  • The Mask of Menace (Spellbound 1977): “Het dreigende masker” in Debbie Groot Mysterieboek #7 (1978).
  • (The) Village of Fear (Spellbound 1977): “Dorp van de angst ” in Debbie Groot mysterieboek #7 (1978).
  • The Prisoner of Craven Castle (Debbie 1977): “Gevangene van Rotsburg” and published in Debbie Groot Mysterieboek #7 (1978).
  • The Silver Blades (Debbie, 1978): Translated into Dutch as “Zilveren schaatsen” in Debbie Sportstripboek #33 (1983).
  • Two-Faced Tania (Mandy, 1978): Debbie Parade Album #9
  • Hard Times for Hetty (Debbie, 1978): Translated into Dutch as “Moelijke tijden voor Betty” (Tough Times for Betty) and published in Debbie #34 (1983).
  • Mystery at Music Manor (Debbie 1978-79): Translated into Dutch as “Raadsels rond de Duivelsrots” (Riddles Surrounding the Devil’s Rock) and serialised in Tina #43/1982-3/1983.
  • Mighty Mo (Bunty): Translated into Dutch as “Stalen Stien” and published in various magazines and albums, including Debbie #14 (1979).
  • Meg of the Moors (3rd story, Debbie 1979): “Meg de collie” (“Meg the Border Collie”) and printed in Debbie Parade Album #32 (1982).
  • Beaver Girl (Debbie, 1980): Translated into Dutch as “Karin redt de bevers” (“Karin Saves the Beavers”) and published in Debbie #9/1981.
  • The Seeing Eye (Judy & Emma, 1979-1980): Translated into Dutch as “Het huis op de Heksenheuvel” and published in Debbie #38 (1983).
  • The Truth About Sandy Starr (Mandy, 1980): Translated into Dutch as “De waarheid over Sandy Starr” in Debbie Groot mysterieboek #27 (1981).
  • The House that Jackie Bought (Tracy, 1980): Translated into Dutch as “Jennie koopt een huis” (“Jennie Buys a House”) and published in Debbie #30 (1982).
  • Let’s Get Together! (Tracy, 1980): Translated into Dutch as “We blijven altijd samen…” (“We Shall Always Remain Together…”) and published in Debbie #5/1982.
  • The Double Life of Clumsy Kate (Tracy, 1980): Translated into Dutch as “Sara Stuntel” in Debbie Sportstripboek #33 (1983).
  • “I’ll Only Walk Alone!” (Tracy, 1980): Translated into Dutch as “Jenny’s besluit” (“Jenny’s Decision”) and published in Debbie #32 (1982).
  • No Swimming for Sarah (Debbie, 1981): Translated into Dutch as “Sarah kan zwemmen” (“Sarah Can Swim”) and published in Debbie #30 (1982).
  • No Rest for Rosie (Debbie/Mandy 1982-83): Translated into Dutch as “Zuster Rosie” (Sister Rosie) and printed in Peggy Album #4 (1987).
  • Jumbo and Jet (Tracy, 1981):  Translated to Dutch as “Jumbo en Jet” – Debbie #31 (1981)
  • Grandad Needs a Wife (Tracy, 1981): Translated into Dutch as “Een vrouw voor opa” and published in Debbie #32 (1982).
  • Sally of Super School (Judy, 1981): Translated into Dutch as “Raadsels rond een internaat”  (“Riddles around a boarding school”) and published in Tina Sterstrip 2 (1983).
  • Nothing Ever Goes Right! (Judy, 1981): Translated into Dutch as “Hester heeft altijd pech” (“Hester Always Has Bad Luck”) and published in Peggy #6/1983, later reprinted in #1/1989.
  • Parker versus Parker (Bunty, 1981): Translated into Dutch as “Parker tegen Parker” and serialized in Tina #39/1982-5/1983.
  • Bella the Babysitter (Tracy, 1981): Translated into Dutch as “Bella de babysitter” and published in Debbie #32 (1982).
  • A Holiday for Harvey (Tracy, 1981): Translated into Dutch as “Wally op vakantie” and published in Debbie #31 (1981).
  • Little Miss Mystery (Mandy, 1981): Translated as “Jij bent Martje, zeiden ze…” (“You Are Martje, Or so They Said…”) and published in Tina #28/1982-44/1982.
  • Bessie and Her Barrow (Debbie 1981): Translated into Dutch as “Bessie en haar handkar” and printed in Debbie #34 (1983).
  • A Holiday for Harvey (Tracey, 1981): Translated into Dutch as “Wally op vakantie” and published in Debbie #31 (1981).
  • Translated to Dutch as “Sara Stuntel” – Debbie Sportstripboek #33 (1983).
  • No Tennis for Tessa (Bunty, 1980): Published in Dutch in Debbie Parade Album #13, “Geen tennis voor Trix”.
  • Fiona and the Ring of Fergus (Judy, 1980): Translated into Dutch as “Fiona en de ring” in Debbie Groot mysterieboek #27 (1981).
  • Eyes of the Cat (Miscellaneous)
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “De ogen van de kat” – Debbie Groot mysterieboek #27 (1981).
  • Rowena (Mandy 1981)
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Rowena ” – Debbie Groot mysterieboek #27 (1981).
  • Forced to Fail (Judy, 1981-1982): Translated into Dutch as “Chantage op het internaat” (“Blackmail at the Boarding School”) – Tina #4/1983-13/1983.
  • To Tessa, a Sister (Debbie, 1982): Translated into Dutch as “Een zusje voor Tessa” and published in Debbie super stripstory #20 (1987).
  • “My Darling Daughter!” (Tracy, 1982): Translated into Dutch as “Mijn lieve dochter” (“My Dear Daughter”) and printed in Debbie #34 (1983).
  • Sandy’s Losing Streak (Mandy 1982): Translated into Dutch as “Sandy’s overwinning” (“Sandy’s Victory”) and published in Debbie #38 (1983).
  • The Kids of Grim Hall (Bunty, 1982): Translated into Dutch as “Naar de koningin!” (“To the Queen”) and published in Debbie super stripstory #18 (1987).
  • The House on Witch Hill (Suzy, 1982): Translated into Dutch as “Het huis op de Heksenheuvel” and published in Debbie #38 (1983).
  • “Grimm Street Won’t Get him!” (Mandy, 1983): Translated into Dutch as “Grimmstreet” and published in Debbie #46 (1985).
  • “Sue Sprinter” (Judy, 1983): Translated into Dutch as “De geheime kracht van Laonicus” (“Laonicus’ Secret Force”) and printed in Peggy + plus #11, 1985-86.
  • “Sparrow and Her Songs” (Debbie, 1983): Translated Dutch as “Spriet zingt haar lied” – Debbie #10 (1983) and reprinted again in Debbie super stripstory #18 (1987)
  • Madame Marlova Remembers stories (each story individually titled) (Debbie, 1976-1977):“The Dance of the Butterfly” from Debbie #200 was translated into Dutch and published in Debbie super stripstory #18 (1987); “The Girl That Grew Too Tall” was translated into Dutch and published in Debbie super stripstory #18 (1987); “The Cat That Came to Dance” was translated into Dutch as “Het witte katje” (“The White Kitten”) and published in Debbie super stripstory #18 (1987); “Clumsy Clara” was translated into Dutch as “Arme onhandige Freda” (“Poor Clumsy Freda”) and published in Debbie super stripstory #18 (1987).
  • The Girl with the Yellow Shoes (Bunty, 1982): Translated into
  •  Dutch as “De gele schoentjes” (“The Yellow Shoes”) – [Dutch] Tina #31/1983- #2/1984
  • The Champion from Nowhere (Mandy, 1982-1983): Translated into Dutch as “De kampioen zonder naam” (“The Champion without a Name”) and published in Debbie super stripstory #20 (1987).
  • Sarah’s Smile of Sorrow (Suzy, 1983): Translated into Dutch as “Sarah’s glimlach van verdriet” and published in Debbie #46 (1985).
  • “The Misery Marathon” (from “Madame Marlova Remembers”, Debbie #196):  Translated into Dutch as “De dansmarathon” (“The Dancing Marathon”) and published in Peggy + plus #11 (1983).
  • Runaway Ruth (Judy 1983): Translated into Dutch as “Ruth Muizenhart” (“Ruth Mouseheart”).
  • “Room in Your Heart for Two” (Tracy 1983-84): Translated into Dutch as “Ouders gezocht voor twee…” (“Parents Wanted for Two…”) and printed in Peggy + plus #11 (1983).
  • A New Home for Harvey / Harvey – Go Home! (Tracy, Judy & Tracy): First two instalments were translated into Dutch as “Een plekje voor Wally” ( “A Place for Wally”) and published in Debbie super stripstory #20 (1987).
  • No Tennis for Tessa (Bunty, 1980): Debbie Parade Album #13 as Geen tennis voor Trix [No tennis for Trix]
  • ….
  • Her Majesty (Judy, 1970): Debbie Parade Album #16
  • The Face of Evil (Judy, 1981): “De schim van het kwaad” in Tina #22/1982-34/1982.
  • Her Highness of the High Board (Bunty, 1974): Debbie Parade Album #21
  • The Guilt of Glendora (Bunty, 1978): Debbie Parade Album #22
  • Sarah and Jane Little Ladies at War (Bunty, 1982): Debbie Parade Album #24
  • It Takes Two to Tango! (Bunty, 1982): Debbie Parade Album #28
  • Mission of Mercy (Tracy, 1981): Debbie Parade Album #30? as Moedige Mercy
  • The Night Owls (Bunty, 1982): Debbie Parade Album #34
  • Samantha Proctor – Animal Doctor (Mandy, 1983) Translated into Dutch as “Samantha Proctor – dierendokter” in Debbie Dierenstripboek #36 (1983).
  • Harvey’s Hotel (Tracy 1982): “Harvey’s Hotel” is translated into Dutch as “Wally in het hotel” in Debbie Dierenstripboek #36 (1983)
  • Bess’s Secret Keeper aka Her Brother’s Keeper (Judy, 1984): Translated into Dutch as ‘Ik blijf bij je!’ [I’ll Stay with You!] in Tina 1991.
  • Lady in the Looking Glass (Bunty, 1985): Debbie Parade Album #42 as De dame in de spiegel [The Lady in the Mirror]
  • Een hondeleven voor Hanneke [A Dog’s Life for Hanneke], Tina #28, 1984, original title and appearance unknown.
  • Perri (Mandy, 1985): Translated into Dutch as “Perri het hertejong” (Perri the fawn) and published in Peggy Album (Holco, 1986 series) #1 (1986).
  • Bad Luck Barbara (Mandy, 1985): Debbie Parade Album #45 as “Barbara brengt oneluk” (Barbara brings bad luck)
  • Hayley’s Hidden Talent (Mandy, 1988): Translated into Dutch as “Vera kan toch niks” (“Vera Is Not Good at Anything”) and published in Tina #27/1989-34/1989.
  • Rosie’s Revenge (Judy, 1988): Translated into Dutch as “Emma is geen dief!” (Emma is no thief!) and published in Tina #49/1989 – 2/1990.
  • The Comp (1989 stories from Nikki; later The Comp merged into Bunty). At least one story run was translated into Dutch as “Klas 3M” in Peggy #3/1987.
  • Frida the Thirteenth (Mandy 1990): “Frida de 13e” and published in Tina #44/1991-1/1992.
  • “De gevangen nachtegaal” (The trapped nightingale), Tina #7/1990 to #15/1990. Original story unknown.
  • Before the Summer Ends… (Judy, 1990): “Geen toekomst voor Suzan” (No future for Suzan) in Tina in 1990.

35 thoughts on “Translations – Dutch

      1. You’re right. I received some Tammys from 1973, and there she is suddenly drawn by Mario Capaldi. And the stories from 1973 are themed the same as the ones from Tina Topstrip 3, so I guess the information must be correct!

        1. I don’t know who drew Wee Sue when she appeared in Sandie.

          The Tammy artists who drew Wee Sue were:

          Mario Capaldi
          John Richardson
          Richard Neillands
          Hugh Thornton-Jones
          Robert MacGillivray
          Mike White
          John Johnston
          Jim Eldridge

  1. I’ve got some more additions of the original publications of stories in Tina Topstrip:
    3. The episodes of Wee Sue in this publication are not from Tammy, but from Sandie (1972)
    5. Designed for fame (Princess Tina, 1972)
    6. Lorna’s lonely days (Sandie, 1972)
    22. Anna’s forbidden friend (Sandie, 1972)
    46. Peggy in the middle (Sandie, 1972)
    And 36 is not a Patty’s Word story, but again a Patty and the Big Silver Bull Band story.

    It would be interesting to find out the original publication of 33, ‘Het gebeurde in Parkzicht’. That is one of the best stories I’ve ever read in Tina. It’s a hospital/nurse story, in which several storylines were going on at the same time. It lasted for 15 episodes (45 pages) in early 1977. But I think the original might have lasted even longer, because the end we got offered is satisfactory, but you feel there could have been more after it.
    It is not quite clear where it might have been published. The Dutch Tina most of the time used stories from IPC, but it’s not from Jinty, Lindy, Tammy, Sally or Sandie. I doubt it’s from (Princess) Tina. It might be June, but I also doubt that. But there are not many other options if it is IPC, are there?

    1. Many thanks for this information, Marc – I’ve updated the list. As for number 33, could you send through any scans of the story? I can post it as a separate post asking for any help people can give – or of course if you’re on the UK Comics Forum you could post them there, as there are lots of helpful people there. I’d certainly be interested in seeing it, too!

      1. I have a scan of the first page. How can I send it?
        I tried to become a member of the UK Comics Forum, but I never received a confirmation. On the site it says you can contact the moderators, but I can’t seem to find a way to contact them. If I click on their names, I only get a message that I can not contact them without being a member… 😦

        1. Oh dear – I’ve never joined the forum myself so I can’t advise, but Mistyfan might be able to. In any case if you email the page to me ( then I can upload it on a new post, asking the question more generally. Thanks in advance!

  2. That story is Wee Sue, but the original Wee Sue when she appeared in Sandie comic. When Sandie merged with Tammy, Wee Sue was carried over but the story totally changed it’s tone, becoming less of a ‘straight’ story and morphing into the lighter version in Tammy. Miss Bigger wasn’t in the Sandie version and only appeared after the merger.

  3. Although I am pretty sure that most stories of the Dutch list must have been published in the Greek magazines MANINA, KaTERINA and Patty till 2000, when their circulation ceased, I definitely know from my collection that the following stories were published in MANINA between 1972-1976:
    – Gwen’s stolen Glory
    – Dora Dogsbody
    – Always together
    – Left out Linda
    – Wenna the Witch
    – Slave of the Mirror
    – The Cat and Mouse game
    – Barracuda Bay
    Could you please update so the list of Greek translations?

  4. Are there any more? Lists of Tammy story translations after the Jinty merger, for example? And by any chance is there a Dutch reprint of Cora Can’t Lose that could tell us what the ending was?

  5. Wow, what an amazingly useful resource this page is! I am researching the Dutch Tina title, and will be sure to incorporate a lot of the work colllected here in my indexes over at the Grand Comics Database.

    Many thanks to all who contributed!


  6. Is there any more information about Dutch translations? Translations of Tammy stories post the Jinty merger? I am sure I saw a Dutch translation of Almost Human somewhere, are there any more details somewhere? And has anyone got information on a Dutch translation of a Mandy story called Bad Luck Barbara, retitled The Petty Child (English translation of the Dutch)?

    1. ‘Almost human’ was published in Tina in 1984. It was then called ‘De verloren planeet’ (The lost planet).
      ‘Bad luck Barbara’ was reprinted in Debbie Parade Album 45, titled ‘Barbara brengt ongeluk’ (Barbara brings bad luck). If I remember well, this was the title on the front page, but in the volume itself it was called ‘Het Petty kind’.

  7. I spotted an error in No Cheers for Cherry Geen applaus voor Sandra [No Applause for Sandra] (in: Groot Tina Zomerboek 1983-2). Shouldn’t it be 1983-4?

    1. 1983-4 would be the Winterboek. Spring was 1, Summer 2, Authum 3 and Winter 4. From 1980 onwards, the books were numbered per year. I.e. 1980-1, 1980-2, etc. 1984-3 is the last one with this kind of number.

  8. Angel (Mandy, 1977): Debbie Parade Album #15 – No, this actually ‘The Children’s Champion’, not Angel. The Dutch title is confusing the issue.

    Promise me, Paula (June, 1972) is ‘Beloof Me, Marjorie’, in Tina (1974, nos. 25-52)

  9. I don’t think “Nellie Nightingale” from Bunty (1990) is the same story as “De gevangen nachtegaal” from Tina. That would mean the story was published in Tina (February) before it was published in Bunty (July). Also, I think the story from Tina has art by “B. Jackson” and not by Dudley Wynne.
    Checked it just now on LastDodo: yes it has art by B. Jackson. See here:
    So this is not a reprint of “Nellie Nightingale”.

    1. It seems to open with a girl who has been unable to speak after seeing her parents run over by a cart in the street. Does that ring any bells with anyone?

  10. “Een vlieger voor Mischa” is a reprint of “Fly-away Fay”, originally published in Penny in 1979, issues 12-23.

    1. I wonder if we could close this one too, which also came up recently from Girls Comics of Yesterday:

      ‘Looking to identify another story. This one is called “Een hondeleven voor Hanneke” in Dutch, which translates back as “A Dog’s Life for Hanneke” (Hannah, maybe?). It was serialized in 17 3-page installments in 1984, so a total page count of 51 pages…A teen girl follows her dog into the house of her high school science teacher. There, their minds (the dog’s and the girl’s) are accidentally swapped. The girl then has to keep her body safe while convincing everyone she is not a dog…Oh, a twist at the end: the science teacher is punished by having his mind transferred to the body of… a budgie.’

      A sample can be found at

      I wonder if this one also came from Penny. No luck so far anywhere else.

      1. From Penny only four stories have been reprinted in the Netherlands:
        – Fly-away Fay (Een vlieger voor Mischa, Tina 1984)
        – Seulah the seal (Sjoela de zeehond, Tina 1980-81)
        – Kathy’s convict (De man in het bos, Tina 1981)
        – Kay’s camp site (Een camping voor Conny, Tina Boelboek 6 1985)

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