Translations – Greek

A list of stories translated into Greek.

  • “My Name is Nobody” (June & Schoolfriend)
  • “The Cat Girl” (Sally)
  • “Molly Mills” (Tammy)
  • “Lucky’s Living Doll” (June &  Schoolfriend)
  • “Jackie & the Wild Boys” (Princess Tina)”
  • “Bessie Bunter” (June & Schoolfriend)
  • “Mirror…Mirror” (Mandy) in Katerina 1983
  • “The Leopard from Lime Street” (Buster) in Blek as (trans) “The Panther Kid”

All published in early issues of Manina.

It is also thought that most stories on the Dutch Tina list will have been published in the Greek magazines Manina, Katerina, and Patty up until the year 2000, when their circulation ceased. Correspondent Peggy confirms that “I definitely know from my collection that the following stories were published in Manina between 1972-1976″:

  • Gwen’s Stolen Glory (1974)
  • Dora Dogsbody (1974-76)
  • Left-out Linda (1974)
  • Wenna the Witch (1974)
  • Always Together (1975)
  • Slave of the Mirror (1975)
  • The Kat and Mouse Game (1975)
  • Barracuda Bay (1975)

Greek magazine Vavoura (βαβούρα) published at least the following two humour strips from Jinty:

  • Alley Cat – Alley Cat was published for the first time in issue # 84 on December 1st 1984. The Greek name was ΚΕΡΑΜΙΔΟΓΑΤΑ (κεραμιδόγατα), which more or less means “the cat on the roof tiles”.
  • The Snobs and the Scruffs – The Snobs and the Scruffs appeared for the first time in issue # 12 of Vavoura (December 1st 1981), having the title “ΑΡΙΣΤΟΚΡΑΤΙΣΣΕΣ ΚΑΙ ΧΑΜΙΝΙΑ” (αριστοκράτισσες και χαμίνια). A translation of that could be “Aristocrats and Gamins”. It was published again in issue # 61, having a completely different title “ΨΗΛΟΜΥΤΕΣ ΚΑΙ ΑΠΕΝΤΑΡΕΣ” (ψηλομύτες και απένταρες). A translation for the latter is “The Snobs and the Penniless”. It was very common for a strip to be issued one week with a certain title, and in a next issue with a completely different one.

Vavoura ran for 327 issues from June 15 1981 until the August of 1989, when the Publisher changed. From next week the second series of Vavoura started, from number # 1 again, giving 424 more issues.

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