Translations – Indonesian

A list of stories translated into Indonesian. These were published under the series name Nina, using the same cover art as the Tina Topstrips, though the order of publication was different. Below I give the Indonesian title followed by a literal translation, and then the original title, and the comic that the story was originally published in where known. The number of the album in the Tina TopStrip series is given where relevant.

  1. Pramugari Paula sebagai Dewi Pahullah [tr. Stewardess Paula as Goddess Pahullah] / Stewardess Paula: De gevleugelde vrouw (Dutch Tina)
    • Tina TopStrip no. 28
  2. Istana Kelelawar [tr. Palace of the Bat] / Het kasteel van de vleermuis (Dutch Tina)
    • Tina TopStrip no. 24
  3. Hany dan Hantu Gunung [tr. Hany and Ghost Mountain] / The Haunting of Hazel (Jinty)
    • Tina TopStrip no. 27
  4. Anya Petaka Sebuah Desa [tr. Anya Disaster In A Village] / Anja – Dorp in gevaar (Dutch Tina)
    • Tina TopStrip no. 9
  5. Wenna, Si Penyihir [tr. Wenna, the Witch] / Wenna the Witch (Jinty)
    • Tina TopStrip 34
  6. Mariska, Gadis Super dari Angkasa Luar [tr. Mariska, Super Girl From Space] / original title & comic unknown but copyright credited to DC Thomson
    • Tina TopStrip 25
  7. Anita dan Alat Pemintal Tua [tr. Anita and the Old Spinner’s Tool] / Spell of the Spinning Wheel (Jinty)
    • Tina TopStrip 42
  8. Teka-Teki Sebuah Boneka [tr. Puzzle a Doll] / De pop [tr. The Doll] (Dutch Tina)
    • Tina TopStrip 39
  9. Rahasia Tongkat Kerajaan [tr. Secret Sceptre] / Sceptre of the Toltecs (Jinty)
    • Tina TopStrip 44
  10. Elvira misteri kuda putih [tr. Elvira: Mystery of the White Horse] / Wild Horse Summer (Jinty)
    • Tina TopStrip 15
  11. “Pengawal Dewa Thor” [tr.The Guards of Thor / When Statues Walk…] (Jinty) and published in Nina #52.
    • Tina Topstrip 71
  12. Marta, Gadis Angsa / Het ganzenmeisje (based on “The Goose Girl” in Jinty)
  13. Sonya / (Dutch title Het gebeurde in Parkzicht ) / original title unknown
  14. Monika, Rahasia Paman Robert / Het geheim van oom Robert (Dutch Tina)
  15. Epona, Penunggu Lembah Kuda Putih / Guardian of White Horse Hill (Jinty)
  16. Monika, Misteri Pondok Bendi / De man in het koetshuis (Dutch Tina)
  17. Linda, Teka-teki seorang cucu / Linda Left-Out (Tammy)
  18. Mimi, Kisah Seorang Putri / Mimi in Spanje (Dutch Tina)
  19. Marta, Gadis Hutan Rawa / Maartje in de Biesbos (Dutch Tina)
  20. Anna, Sahabat Sejati / Anna’s Forbidden Friend (Sandie)
  21. Melisa, Misteri Sebuah Topeng / Mask of Melissa (Tammy)
  22. Harry, Si Nomor Satu / Silver Is A Star (Sandie)
  23. Tineke Irama Nan Mempesona (Tineke Enchanting Rhythm), Nina #36, 1985, original title Dancer Entranced, Tammy 1978
  24. Monika, Rahasia Pencurian Benda Seni / De grote kunstroof (Dutch Tina)
  25. Brigitte di Atas Pentas / Twinkle, Twinkle, Daisy Star (Princess Tina)
  26. Peggy Dan Jeroen / Peggy en Jeroen (Dutch Tina)
  27. Mimi, Bintang Sirkus / Het circus komt (Dutch Tina)
  28. Peggy, Hanya kau Seorang / Ruzie om Jeroen (Dutch Tina)
  29. Ivona, Terjebak / Curtain of Silence (Jinty)
  30. Marini, Kutukan Air Biru / Cursed To Be A Coward (Jinty)
  31. Anya Sebatang Kara / Goldie Alone (Tammy)
  32. Dalam Cengkeraman Sebuah Bros / Creepy Crawley (Jinty)
  33. Apung dan Aku / Moses and Me  (June & Pixie)
  34. Marcela Anak Sirkus / Lorna’s lonely days  (Sandie)
  35. Lusi Tanpa Teman / Loesje: Dorp zonder vrienden (original in Dutch)
  36. Sonya dan Pelatih Misterius / Steffi In The Swim (Tammy)
  37. Marta dan Kucing Hutan / Maartje en het Ritselbos (original in Dutch)
  38. “Daun Daun Berguguran” [Falling Leaves] in Komik Nina #98 / Dutch Tina 1982 as “Bladeren in de wind” [Leaves in the wind] / “Leaves in the Wind” (Tammy)

17 thoughts on “Translations – Indonesian

  1. F.Y.I. Here is a list of Nina from Indonesia – all 161 of them. And you find many old friends there: ‘Stefa’s heart of stone’, ‘Waves of fear’, etc. Quite a few also contain stories which were written for the Dutch Tina. I would like to see some of them, because from a few the story printed on the cover is rather short. So I wonder if there were other stories inside, or that they just published it like this.

    1. Thank you Marc, I’ve finally updated this – it’s quite a slow job as I have to co-ordinate the Dutch Catawiki page and the Nina page.

  2. Hi comixminx, I think I can help with the above list. I read most of them as a kid. Please let me know. Also, I think your blog is great!

    marckie73 – yes you were right, some Nina contain more than one story.

    1. Thank you Orangetree! Lovely to hear you are enjoying the blog. I would love to hear more about the Ninas. I guess I would be particularly interested in a) the ones where the original title is unknown – is there anything you can describe about them that might help to identify them – and b) the titles later on in the series, from after Tina Topstrip had stopped being published – do they look like local Indonesian stories, or reprints for elsewhere, or what?

      1. I can answer b: the titles later on in the series were all stories that had been published in the Dutch Tina before. So these were either stories from Jinty, Tammy, Sandie, etc. or original Dutch stories.

      2. Hi comixminx, I am afraid I have no idea the original title for Sonya, I have the full story but sadly it doesn’t gives a clue of the original title/the illustrator. I can share the scan pages, as you might recognise it, if you’ve seen it before. I also have a list of Ninas along with the dutch and jinty titles next to it which I compiled few years back. The list is far from complete but I can share it with you if you like?

        Linda, Teka-teki seorang cucu is not Linda left out. Linda teka teki seorang cucu is about a girl who lived with her foster family. She was good at drawing, I think The dutch title is Linda’s verdriet. Linda left out also translated to dutch but with different title.

        Some of stories from Dutch Tina also printed on children magazines – Bobo. Stories from Jinty such as Sea Sister and Always Together appear as serials on Bobo.

        1. I would love to see a scanned page or two of Sonja, and your list of Dutch Tinas / Indonesian Ninas. I’ll send you my email address separately.

          Thanks also for the Linda info.

  3. Sure. I don’t think your email address came through though but let me know if you still want me to share the list along with Sonya pages.

    1. No, I meant to find your email address from the admin area of the blog and email you, which I’ve now done. Cheers & thanks in advance!

  4. I think the translation for No. 4.’Anya – Petaka Sebuah Desa’ should be ‘Anya – Disaster in a village’. Petaka is abbreviation of Malapetaka which is an Indonesian word for Disaster.

    1. Thanks very much, I’ve fixed that. As you can tell I am relying on Google Translate, which is not infallible by any means but gets the basic job done.

      1. Let me update the spreadsheet I sent to you the other day to add a column for english translation of the titles (it would be fun thinking about each of the story all over again :)). I will resend it to you once done.

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