Translations – Spanish

A list of stories translated into Spanish.

  • “My Name Is Nobody” / Margie y Nena (June & Schoolfriend) published in Lily and in Esther.
  • “Cat Girl” / Cat La Chica Gato (Sally 1969-1971, Tammy 1971), published by Editorial Bruguera S.A.
  • “The Girl Who Never Was” / Tina y el Mundo Mágico (Jinty, 1978-79) published in Gina 1978, nos. 67 – 71.
  • “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” / Más allá del Arcoiris (Jinty, 1978-79)
  • “Marsha the Perfect Schoolgirl” /  Marita una chica extraterrestre (Bunty), published in Jana, nos. 27-33, 1983.
  • “Tina’s Tin Twin” / Tina y su doble (Bunty, 1977-78), published in Lily, 1984.
  • “A Spell of Trouble” / Un hechizo conflictivo (Jinty, 1980) [A conflicting spell], 2022.

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